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The educational organizations which are in relationship with us certify you and you can validate the document from our platform. They give you a certificate as paper based format and also a digital smart cart composed for you here. And also because you have the right to enter other cerficates of you, all your certificates will be listed under the digital card after the inquiry.
The educational organizations can certify you with our smart international card. And you can validate with the card ID number from our platform. Also you can enter your other certification records to your UNICED EDU CARD. So you can also use UNICED EDU CARD as your certification archive. In addition to that, after the cart defining process completion by your education organization, you will take a mail which includes your UNICED panel user information. So you can login your UNICED panel and you will be able to change your profile information and enter your other certifications...
Who we are?
All UNICED members should be an educational organization and make their students certificated with a valid and reliable one.
UNICED stands for the Union of International Certification for Education. All UNICED members must be an educational organization. Our members are from all over the world. We do not give services for every field but just for educational purposes. There should be teaching and learning activities and also a need of certification of those. Our most important difference is that we are internationally accessible. Our members perform the activity of teaching and make their students or participants certificated with a valid and reliable one. We founded with 14 educational organizations from the countries of United States of America, United Kingdom, Netherland, Korea, Japan, Turkey and Argentina. And now, we have 103 members from 64 countries, and we are growing.
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You should communicate with your educational organization for the certificite number which is not included.
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